painting by Horiren First

There is a saying in Japanese “Ichiren-takusho” .
It means to be together throughout life until death, whether it may be in hardship or happiness.



On 11th March 2011,

a catastrophic tsunami shocked Japan and the World.

It’s been three years and most of the affected areas have yet to be re-built,

Life is tough, but these men have the hearts of TIGERS!

They lost everything...They almost lost hope.

But they are re-born, stronger than ever. They never gave up. Through them we can learn how to be strong and powerful, even in the hardest of times.



photo by   Mayumi Hirata

photo by Mayumi Hirata

Our Mission

Tiger dance is not well known in the other parts of Japan and the world. Our mission is to spread the word and let people know about this amazing local dance. Donating money is not important for them. More importantly, they want to be proud of their own, original culture. As the Japanese proverb describes, we want to support tiger performers and invite them to perform in Europe again in the near future.

Tigers can run 300 miles and return in one day to see their baby cub
— An old Japanese proverb

What We've Achieved

  • Horiren has donated flags and paintings to the shrines in Tohoku.
  • Mayumi has published a photography book "Dance tiger, dance" in 2012, which have been sold in book shops in Japan and the UK.